Site Assessment & Analysis: a preliminary assessment of the site and its existing conditions, requirements and potential

Consultations: Hayden Landscape Design offers a wide range of consulting services on a design, project, horticultural and maintenance basis

Landscape Design & Build: This includes the preparation and presentation of planting plans and conceptual hardscape and lighting plans. Hayden Landscape Design is also pleased to offer design build services in conjunction with our affiliated licensed landscape contractors as well as sustainable landscape design options

Garden Coaching: Hayden Landscape Design has experience working with homeowners to help make their gardens thrive and teach them to become better gardeners in the process

Horticultural detailing: expert fine gardening services such as hand pruning, potted arrangements and irrigation schedule management are available on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis

Horticultural photo-styling: Hayden Landscape Design is available to create a wide variety horticultural back grounds and settings for print, TV and film

Speaking Engagements: Richard Hayden is available for speaking engagements on a variety of horticultural and landscape design topics